Sevika Sanghom

In the ministry of our Lord, women played a great role.Women were the last to leave our Lord’s cross and first to see him resurrected. In church, Women play an important role in serving others. No one need to be eloquent in speech or a gifted writer or a theologian to get people served in their needs, but a kind heart and ready to serve attitude.

It was in the year 1919, under the able leadership of Abraham Mar Thoma Suffragan Metropolitan, that Mar Thoma Suvisesha Sevika Sanghom came into formation. Every woman of the Mar Thoma Church above the age of 18 years is a member of the Sevika Sanghom.

The members of the Sevika Sanghom of our parish hold meetings every Sunday after the worship service. On every Second Saturday’s cottage prayer is conducted at the residence of any of the sanghom members. A twenty four hour chain prayer is held on 1st Friday of every month to seek blessings and intercede for fellow brothers and sisters who are sick and needy.

Other activities that are carried out by the Sevika Sangham are :-

  • Book Shop where the bible and worship order books are sold.
  • Coffee and snacks are sponsored by members and provided by Sangham every Sunday after the worship.
  • Provide solace to the needy and sick members through prayer and financial support.
  • Financial aid is provided to the various Mission Fields whenever Missionaries visit the Church.
  • Providing sponsorship for a child at Sihora Ashram.
  • The stitching unit run by the Sanghom at Mundiya Mission Field is providing training to many villagers of the area.

The Sevika Sangham is centered around the ethic of serving the poor and needy ones in the society.

The following members serve as office bearers for the year 2013 – 14.

President Rev. Sam Abraham
Vice President Mrs. Achamma George
Secretary Mrs. Reebi Paul
Treasurer  Mrs. Annamma Samuel
Church Committee  Mrs. Annamma Fernandez
LibrarianMrs. Sali Pradeep
Diocesan RepresentativeMrs. Sali Pradeep & Mrs. Reebi Paul