Edavaka Mission

“Every Mar Thomite is a voluntary evangelist” (a vision of His grace the Late Abraham Mar Thoma metropolitan) which is now being envisaged by many in every church of Marthoma throughout the world.

The formation of Voluntary Evangelists Association (Lay Ministry) in Mar Thoma Church, started with a group of enthusiastic people, yearning to present the gospel to others, meeting for prayer and fellowship. The Holy Spirit led them to be the first Voluntary Evangelists in the Church. Their movement was fully supported by the late Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Thoma. The Association was formally recognized in 1924, as the Evangelical wing of Mar Thoma Church. The Edavaka Mission in our Parish is a unit of the Mar Thoma Voluntary Evangelistic Association.

The members of the Edvaka Mission meet together every week on Fridays for intercessory prayer, Bible study, life testimony, mediating the word of God and sharing of Christian experiences.The members provide active spiritual support throughFasting prayers which are conducted on every Second Saturday of the month, in the church.

These meetings provide a great opportunity for the members to unite together as one mind and to intercede for fellow brothers and sisters who are sick and needy. Special prayer meetings are conducted at the residences of sick and at the residences of bereaved families.

Every year 1st Sunday of October is celebrated as the Edavaka Mission Sunday. The following members serve as office bearers for the year 2013 – 14.

PresidentRev. Sam Abraham
Vice President Mr. Abraham Jose
SecretaryMr. Eapen T. Cherian
TrusteeMrs. Leelamma Jose
Church CommitteeMr. K. G. Koruth